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AJS BIS is forging better pathways for business.  Our workflow solutions get your teams the information they need so they can do their jobs better.



AJS BIS works closely with you to determine which areas of your company could benefit most from business process improvements. Solutions can be narrow in scope or extend company-wide. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to finding the best way to run efficiently and effectively.

3 Stages to Drive Business Forward

AJS BIS takes a personal approach to identifying client pain points and needs. We meet with you and your team to determine the area of highest gain  by defining where a project should be pursued; or deciding if it is better left as is. We will work with your employees, interviewing and shadowing to fully understand your scope of work every step of the way. The end-game is to clarify the best approach and secure agreement and participation from all involved in the process. When everyone is bought into the new product or process, your goal for better workflow will be realized.



We are experts at leveraging a current process or innovating a new one in order to achieve a cost-effective solution to  maximize workflow efficiency. Our talented analysts, database architects and front-end engineers offer multiple solutions to cover every scenario you may face in order to make sure cost control and speed of implementation are met appropriately. From data migration to systems integration to custom software development, we look inside the problem and do whatever it takes at the lowest possible cost to make operations run smoothly and better than they were before.

We understand that a project can evolve after initial implementation. As development progresses, we continuously re-evaluate in order to anticipate potential roadblocks and issues. To ensure a streamlined outcome and minimize human error, constant validation and strategizing measures are put into place and rigorously rechecked. Our project leads facilitate communication with everyone on your team, taking on a deep understanding of your business while aligning expectations across every phase of the project. We do this to ensure an efficient outcome and long-term success.



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AJS BIS is a solution-seeking consultation firm with more than 20 years' experience in improving productivity and cost reduction. As BPM specialists, we know how to analyze a business from the inside out to determine exactly where a process, department or enterprise can be improved. We leverage the people in place to develop user-friendly systems that empower your teams to exceed their goals. 

AJS BIS: Maximizing business value through clear, cost-effective solutions.



James A. La Maire
President & Lead Analyst
James brings over 30 years of service in IT services, strategic planning, communications and industrial engineering to AJS BIS. In addition to being a main operative at the firm, he is currently SVP/Principal of PS&S, an affiliate. His extensive experience in generating effective business solutions allows him unique ability to align IT services with business development to answer the needs of nearly every business challenge for maximized profitability. He is versed in multiple IT platforms, database design and programming languages. Previously, James was VP of KSI Strategic Planning and ran his own consulting firm, working with clients such as Prudential and Air & Water technologies. James has an MBA in Finance from Seton Hall University and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University.


Helena Dimitrov
Senior Business Analyst
Helena also harkens from PS&S, where she has held multiple roles over the last 19 years. Her roots are in information technology, where she maximized profits for the company by implementing the conversion of a financial project control systems. Helena’s strength is in communication, acting as facilitator between project leads, executives and technical staff. She has a base in SQL, ODB Connection and Crystal Report Writer. At AJS BIS, Helena analyzes projects and works with clients on project management, strategy and consultation. Helena has a BA in Political Science from Rutgers University.

Project Highlights


A Major Utility Company

Challenge: Inefficient Manual Workflow
Solution: Customized Software

AJS BIS worked with a leading East Coast utility company to streamline workflow by resolving inefficiencies. The firm facilitated between employees and executives to identify pain points: Information was not centralized and required manual paperwork, resulting in complex, time-consuming workflows.  AJS BIS developed a custom software package that consolidated and normalized key information from disparate databases. Workflow interfaces empowered managers with relevant information, faster retrieval and automated processes. The new solution developed is scalable, so the client can self-expand use into other regions.

PS&S Financial Project Control System

Challenge: Siloed Reporting & Management Structure
Solution: Software Analysis & Implementation

The firm was retained by PS&S, an award-winning architecture and engineering firm, to analyze a suite of tracking and reporting software. Reports took upwards of 40 hours to complete and were restricted to one business unit, although projects spanned multiple divisions. AJS BIS vetted and tailored third-party software solutions, implementing the process company-wide. The transition required skillful communication between the vendor, department heads and IT, to ensure all channels were aligned. The new reporting system cut report run times down to only 30 minutes and generated effective management of multi-disciplined projects. Immediate insight into a project’s ROI allowed for better management across the board.

AJS Imaging Printshop

Challenge: Project Cost Allocation
Solution: Created B2B Shop  

Large order and large scale printing for PS&S was being performed via a third party vendor, adding expense while complicating project cost capture. AJS BIS resolved the issue by creating a subsidiary of the company that was managed as a stand-alone business. This B2B relationship allowed for more accurate client-project invoicing and reduced cost for in-house projects. In addition, the highly specialized printing equipment acquired and added in-house specialists allowed the print-shop to take on projects from outside clients, generating a new revenue stream for the company.


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