Project Highlights


A Major Utility Company

Challenge: Inefficient Manual Workflow
Solution: Customized Software

AJS BIS worked with a leading East Coast utility company to streamline workflow by resolving inefficiencies. The firm facilitated between employees and executives to identify pain points: Information was not centralized and required manual paperwork, resulting in complex, time-consuming workflows.  AJS BIS developed a custom software package that consolidated and normalized key information from disparate databases. Workflow interfaces empowered managers with relevant information, faster retrieval and automated processes. The new solution developed is scalable, so the client can self-expand use into other regions.

PS&S Financial Project Control System

Challenge: Siloed Reporting & Management Structure
Solution: Software Analysis & Implementation

The firm was retained by PS&S, an award-winning architecture and engineering firm, to analyze a suite of tracking and reporting software. Reports took upwards of 40 hours to complete and were restricted to one business unit, although projects spanned multiple divisions. AJS BIS vetted and tailored third-party software solutions, implementing the process company-wide. The transition required skillful communication between the vendor, department heads and IT, to ensure all channels were aligned. The new reporting system cut report run times down to only 30 minutes and generated effective management of multi-disciplined projects. Immediate insight into a project’s ROI allowed for better management across the board.

AJS Imaging Printshop

Challenge: Project Cost Allocation
Solution: Created B2B Shop  

Large order and large scale printing for PS&S was being performed via a third party vendor, adding expense while complicating project cost capture. AJS BIS resolved the issue by creating a subsidiary of the company that was managed as a stand-alone business. This B2B relationship allowed for more accurate client-project invoicing and reduced cost for in-house projects. In addition, the highly specialized printing equipment acquired and added in-house specialists allowed the print-shop to take on projects from outside clients, generating a new revenue stream for the company.